OLPF Frame Introduction

This section includes:

If you are using an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® or SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X® camera, you need to install a new OLPF frame (included with the DSMC AL Leica-M Mount). Leica-M® lenses are incompatible with older models of the OLPF frame originally installed in the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X. Your warranty will not be void if you install the OLPF frame according to these instructions. If you want RED to perform the installation of the OLPF frame for you, RED will do so free of charge. Please contact your Bomb Squad representative for complete details.

WARNING: This procedure is ONLY applicable to EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X cameras.

CAUTION: Use extreme care to ensure that no tools come into contact with the OLPF.

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