OLPF Frame Introduction

This section includes:

If you are using an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® or SCARLET® MYSTERIUM-X camera, you need to install a new OLPF frame (included with the DSMC® AL Leica-M Mount). Leica-M® lenses are incompatible with older models of the OLPF frame originally installed in the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X. Your warranty will not be void if you install the OLPF frame according to these instructions. If you want RED® to perform the installation of the OLPF frame for you, RED will do so free of charge. Please contact your Bomb Squad representative for complete details.

WARNING: This procedure is ONLY applicable to EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X cameras.

CAUTION: Use extreme care to ensure that no tools come into contact with the OLPF.

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